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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. When should I order?

Etiquette dictates ordering of invitations should begin 4-6 months before the wedding date. My least stressed brides have met and placed their deposits, selected the invitation, font, paper and ink 6-9 months before the wedding. Remaining details will be emailed to me and the order placed at the normal 4-6 month time frame. This allows ample time to address, stuff, stamp and seal your invitations stress-free.

Q. How long for a proof?

Final proofs of the invitation take approximately 3-4 business days. Additional proofs take 1-2 business days.

Q. How long for the invitations to arrive?

Once the order is approved typical invitations are printed and shipped in 7-10 business days.

Q. How many to order?

All invitation stationary is ordered in increments of 25’s. The best way to arrive at a number is to make a list/spreadsheet and count the actual addresses and round up to the nearest 25. A rough estimate is to divide the number of guests in half and add 25. Remember if you are at 121, its best to order 150 because if you need to reorder another 25 it is considered a new order and is very costly.


Q. When should invitations be sent out?

Wedding invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. I always recommend 8 weeks to my brides as social calendars are much busier and especially for any weddings over a holiday or a destination wedding.

PLEASE take a fully assembled invitation (with map, tissue, and any other extras) to the post office and have it weighed before buying your stamps. This will ensure that you have enough postage on the invitation. This will avoid postal delays and returned invitations.

Q. What is hand canceling?

Hand canceling means your invitations will be processed by hand and should bypass the automated processing machines, avoiding damage. Wedding invitations are often thick, oddly shaped or oddly sized as a result of their enclosures or accessories, and run the risk of getting caught or damaged in these machines. You can also minimize the amount of automated printing and stamping the post office adds to your mailings (bar codes, for example), by requesting your invitations be hand canceled at a local Post Office. PS - it's free!

Q. When should Save the Dates be sent out?

Typically Save the Dates are sent out 4-6 months in advance, but not more than a year in advance. You must make sure every person who gets a save the date card also gets a wedding invitation.


*Do not use a postage meter to stamp your invitations. The use of a decorative postage stamp is always a nice touch. The post office does have coordinating wedding postage sets.
*Remember to place a stamp on the reply card envelope.


*Save the dates are becoming more and more popular.

*Accommodation and Map/Direction cards are being included in the invitations to match the invitation for a more polished look.
*Having your invitation envelopes printed in the same typeset as your invitation. Although etiquette still dictates that a handwritten envelope is most thoughtful and use black ink.


*REMEMBER it is never acceptable to place gift registry cards in your wedding invitation. It is acceptable to have them in the bridal shower invitation as that will be typically hosted by an aunt, bridesmaid, etc. Do write thank you cards for your bridal shower gifts, within 2 weeks is considered proper.
*Thank you cards for your wedding gifts should be HANDWRITTEN and sent 4-8 weeks after the wedding. It is an MYTH that you have a whole year to send thank you’s. Please be courteous, PEOPLE REMEMBER IF YOU DO NOT THANK THEM!
*Remember, your pastor/minister/officiant is to receive an invitation. As does ALL OF YOUR Bridal party, meaning all of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, your parents etc.
*If a guest is invited to the bridal shower it is assumed and they will assume they are invited to the wedding.
*Do not use address labels to address your envelopes. They are considered inappropriate and tacky, it is best to hand write your envelopes. Calligraphy is always a beautiful touch. If you don’t have nice handwriting ask your mom, aunt, sister or bridesmaid. Remember the invitation sets the tone of the wedding.
*Remember to reply to any and all invitations sent to you as you will want your guests to respond to you! One to two days is considered most courteous after receiving the invitation.
*The omission of children's names from the inner envelope infers that the children are not invited.
*There is a proper way to address, stuff and stamp your invitations. This etiquette lesson is included and complimentary when picking up your order from For Now and Forever. You will leave feeling confident and stress-free!
*** Remember to mail an invitation to yourself, its nice to keep that envelope with the date stamp as a memory!



Q. What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Get the checklist here.


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